Driven to Succeed: A Q&A with Kaden Wells, AHBEEF Athlete

Driven to Succeed: A Q&A with Kaden Wells, AHBEEF Athlete

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This week, the AHBEEF team heads to Johnson Valley, California, for the famed King of the Hammers(KOH) race. Set up in the “Forty Bar” area just past the main bridge for fans to enjoy, the AHBEEFpitmasters will also fuel Risq Racing’s Class 11 and UTV team. AHBEEF athlete Kaden Wells hails fromsouthern Utah and is the driving force behind the family-built racing team. Racing began at age three forKaden, who started his career in BMX but transitioned to off-road racing in 2017 to both BITD andSCORE events. Kaden is a force to be reckoned with in the desert, claiming victory in some of off-roadsmost prestigious events like the Baja 1000, Baja 500, and Mint 400.Kaden will sit side-by-side with his co-driver and girlfriend, Emma Cornwell, to navigate this year’schallenging KOH race. Before hooking up the trailer and heading out, we sat down for a quick Q&A withKaden to find out how he got started, what we can expect this weekend, and how he celebrates!

What was your most memorable moment in an off-road race? 

Winning the Baja 1000 in 2022 has to take the cake for my most memorable moment.

What’s it like having your girlfriend riding next to you? The best part, the worst part?

The best part of having your girlfriend riding next to you is sharing the highs, beautiful views, and insidejokesjoy —creating memorable moments. However, the downside is both feeling the lows together,which can be challenging compared to when your significant other isn’t present and can remain in naïvehigh spirits.

Tell us a little about KOH. What challenges does this race present to you, especially in a UTV?

I’ve competed in the well-known rock race that KOH holds, and that was quite challenging and differentfrom what I’m used to. I’m glad I got that experience, but I still prefer higher speeds and whoops insteadof two to three-foot boulders. This race is challenging because it’s not part of a series, so it is “all-in” forone race; there isn’t a championship involved.

How do you prepare for KOH as a driver?

I have been working on prepping both the Class 11 and UTV after work most nights. Once we get to thelakebed, I’ll pre-run the course two to three times and take mental notes as well as notes on the GPS.

What does your support team look like for the race? 

This race we will have two chase trucks with two to three people in each truck at two different pitswhere we will be fueling. The trucks are stocked with spares ranging from tires to transmissions andeverything in between.

You’re having a dinner party and can invite five people, dead or alive; who are you inviting?

1. Justin Lofton – duh! He has the meats!!2. Travis Pastrana3. Jake “The Snake” Hendrickson – childhood best friend4. Mitchel Johnson – ex-co-driver5. Woody Harrelson

What will the team be eating during the race? 

During the race week, we will be barbecuing up all different types of AHBEEF. Our friend Garison is a grillmaster and makes all sorts of delicious meals with it.  

After a win, what are you having for your celebration meal?

Carne asada tacos made with AHBEEF!!!!!

For more information on Risq Racing, visit You can follow their season across socialmedia @risq_racing, @kaden_wells, and @emmaecornwell.Look for the AHBEEF team at KOH in the “Forty Bar” area just past the main gate.

We’ll have the grillfired up and cooking a feast for fans! Follow us on Instagram @ahbeefbrand.